Genbukan Ninpo Bugei

It isn't enough just to know techniques, it is where your heart and spirit are as a person that is important. For this reason, Ninpo stresses philosophic and spiritual training in conjunction with the physical training. This refinement of one's spirit is known in Japanese as seishinteki kyoyo.

Ninpo is concerned with the defense of the whole self, and recognizes that defense against a life-threat is dealt with by the spirit as much as with physical technique.


A student of Ninpo will initially begin training in ‘Ninpo Taijutsu’ (the unarmed aspect), which is the backbone of Ninpo Bugei. Here a person will learn the basic and advanced ways of naturally moving the body (taihenjutsu) and study the many important principles associated with combat and self-protection.

It is a complete system of Martial Arts, so therefore has many different useful tools for every situation of personal threat.