Genbukan Ninpo Bugei

The physical skills include:

• learning how to fall safely - rolling and breakfalling (ukemi)
• body evasion movements (tai sabaki)
• striking, kicking & blocking (dakentaijutsu, koppojutsu, etc)
• throwing & grappling (nage & jutaijutsu)
• locks & controls (gyakute waza)
• chokes (shimewaza)
• escapes from holds & locks/throws (hajutsu)

Ninpo is based on natural ways of moving your body, and does not rely on strength, fitness or aggression to make it work. Whether you are young or old, male or female, it will work for you, it just takes training.

The main weapon skills we focus on are:

• Bikenjutsu (Sword)
• Rokushaku Bojutsu & Hanbojutsu (6ft & 3ft Staff)

Along with Taijutsu, these make up the 3 main pillars of Ninpo Bugei.